David Moon


David is a business strategist with a proven track record in the Pacific-Asia region (Southeast Asia + East Asia) and their industry niches with extensive experience in identifying ROI potential, designing investment products, and managing funds to generate ROI.

  • David has co-founded EOS AUTION PLATFORM and has been leading the business strategy and product development, deeply analyzing the blockchain and the auction industry since early 2017.
    EOS AUCTION PLATFORM is creating a new market for up-and-coming artists in the industry, starting with South Korea and Hong Kong.


  • As the co-founder of TWOMKOREA (2013 - 2016), he led the investment firm that designed investment products from various industries and managed a $50,000,000,000 portfolio just from the wine investment product alone, which was, in fact, the largest in the market of South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

  • From the success of the wine investment product, his fund launched a series of alternative investment products in the wine industry sector, labeled as the Rare Wine Investment Offers, a comprehensive portfolio management product that included the handling, storage, insurance, ongoing portfolio analysis, and portfolio valuations of wine companies. His firm boasted a high average annual ROI of +30%

  • He was in charge of analyzing, investing, and selling the company at S Investment in Singapore.

  • He also founded iTouch, a smartphone app-development company that developed and operated smartphone applications such as “Winter Play Ground”, “Don’t Sick”, and “Secret Wine.”

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